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Commercial Crepe Maker.net

Commercial Crepe Maker

We all love making crepes or as others may say, pancakes. The warm, sweet taste of crepes whilst you munch away make these desserts so desirable. But what if you wanted to sell these commercially- would should you do? If you are looking to cook and make crepes commercially, you will need a Commercial Crepe Maker. Not exactly rocket science really, however, a Crepe Maker enables you to make delicious crepes every single time. Here at CommercialCrepeMaker.net , we supply the very best crepe makers for your business or your home kitchen.

Amazing, Sweet, Delicious, Tasty Crepes

Let's face it, everybody loves the taste of crepes - they're sweet, they're delicious, but you can also add a whole array of toppings to suit your taste. Crepes are relatively easy to make which makes offering these easy in your Restaurant or even in a theme park. Purchase your commercial crepe maker today!


Commercial Crepe Makers with a Large Cooking Area!

The Commercial Crepe Makers we have on offer, boasts a large cooking area plates of 400mm, consisting of finely polished cast-iron. Looking to make crepes for lots of people? Have many customers at once? The extra large 400mm cooking plates featured on all of our electric and gas powered models will enable you to meet the taste needs of your customers, fast and easy! The large commercial crepe makers truly are the perfect solution for creating delicious crepes.

Perfect Crepes Machine for: CommercialCrepeMaker.net

The Best Crepes - Possible with our Commercial Crepe Makers! Get Yours Today!


Single Top Crepe Maker - Gas Powered $349.95 Single  Crepe Maker - Gas Powered


Double Top Crepe Maker - Gas Propane Powered $649.95

Double Crepes Maker - Gas Powered


Single Top Crepe Maker - Electricity Powered 110V 60Hz  $649.95


Single Crepe Maker - Electric


Double Top Crepe Maker - Electricity Powered 220V 60Hz  $999.95

Double Crepe Maker - Electric

Custom Voltage Available!

We offer custom voltage on all orders. It does not matter where you are located or based, you too can profit from our fantastic range of crepe makers. Australia, USA, UK or Russia, you too can own one of our exclusive crepe makers, single, double plated, gas or electricity powered. Cook the best crepes for your customers, we provide you with the best crepes makers here!



Order your Commercial Crepe Maker Online!

We make buying Crepe Makers easy here at Mint Distribution. To place an order, simply fill in the order form using your PAYPAL account or CREDIT CARD. Your order will then be sent to us across our secure network. Have any questions? No problem, feel free to contact our 24 Hour Friendly Customer Service!

For wholesale and retail inquiries, please contact us at:

24 Hour Customer Service: (800) 277-5204
Direct Sales Hotline - 1.213.985.2399
Email: orders@shoptegrity.com

We aim at supplying you with products safely and in a timely manner, and ensuring that all products you receive are not hazardous for your health or safety. We supply the real deal, no imitations or non-brand low quality models!


Variety of Commercial Cooking / Restaurant Equipment: 

We carry large varieties of cooking/restaurant equipment, from Crepe Makers to Commercial Griddles, Ice Cream Machines,
Hot Fudge and Nacho Cheese Dispensers, Double Deck Pizza Oven, Single Deck Pizza Oven, Doughnut Machines and other
cooking accessories! All of our featured equipment is suitable for all home and professional applications at restaurants, cafes,
catering buffets, and home use. Just contact us for more info! 1.213.985.2399

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